Building Android TV image

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= See also =
= See also =
* [[Android|Android (operating system)]]
* [[Android|Android (operating system)]]
* [[Cubieboard]]
* [[marsboard]]

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The system running on marsboard can be customized,and this page is going to tell you how to build android operating system by yourself. Here I suggest you using Ubuntu 12.04(x86_64) as your building environment. If you have not setup your android buiding environment before, you should reference to Setting up build environment


[edit] simple way

[edit] Download the source code


[edit] Compiling

$7z x marsboard-android-4.0.4-sdk.7z -r
$cd marsboard-android-4.0.4-sdk/
$source build/
$lunch #select marsboard
$make -j4

[edit] Generating final image


by now, we can flash the image to your marsboard using livesuilt tool.

[edit] See also

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