HDMI/VGA/AV RTD2660H Video Converter Board

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RTD2660H Driver Board

This is our display driver board. It has multiple inputs and works well with both TTL and LVDS screens. It have an audio output. This driver has a scaler built in. That means you can use it to drive an 800x480 display but set the computer to output 1280x800 and it will scale the display down. However, the image will be stretched out (distorted) if the aspect ratio of the scaler doesn't match up. For example, if you have an 800x480 display, the aspect ratio is 1.6 so 1280x720 would look stretched out (1.77 ratio) but 1280x800 would probably look OK (1.66 ratio)

The VGA, Power and A/V inputs,

Menu Options

Each driver board comes with a few menues of customizable settings. We go through each below, with some helpful pictures, to show you what you're able to easily control!

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