How to use PhoenixSuit to Flash New Image to MarsBoard A10/A20

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In this tutorial, we will show how to use PhoenixSuit to flash an image to the nand flash of MarsBoard A10/A20.

MarsBoard A10/A20 requires PhoenixSuit version 1.0.7 to flash the nand image through MarsBoard A10/A20 USB OTG port. We need to download PhoenixSuit and install it first. During the installation, the software will prompt for if the driver is needed or not. Please always click ‘Yes’.

Before you start

Keep in mind that:

   You can always flash the MarsBoard, it never bricks (as the name :)) unless some hardware damage occurs.

What you will need to flash the board is:

  • a MarsBoard A10/A20 board
  • a PC running Windows (XP 32/64bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit)
  • a micro USB cable with one side plugged in to the OTG port of MarsBoard and the other side plugged into the USB port on PC.

Install PhoenixSuit

Download the file (PhoenixSuitV1.0.7) from here. Then unzip it and double click PhoenixSuitV1.07_EN.msi, you will see the following interface.


During the installation process, it may require to install the driver as shown in the following picture, just select "下一步"(means Next) to install the driver as shown below.


The drivers were successfully installed on this computer as shown below. Then click '完成'(means Finish).


PhoenixSuit has been successfully installed as shown below, click "Close".


Using PhoenixSuit to flash Firmware

click PhoenixSuit.exe, Tool page is shown as below


Click the button Upgrade-Guide-6.png to enter upgrade mode. Click button Upgrade-Guide-7.png, select the firmware package, and click " Open ."

After selecting the firmware package, Power down the MarsBoard and connect the MarsBoard to the computer then let the board go to FEL mode after the program should detect the device.

Select the upgrade mode in the dialog box, as shown below


If you select "Yes" to upgrade via formatting, it will clear all user data. If you select "No" to upgrade in common mode, it will retain user data. Recommendation: Back up all data, select "Yes" to upgrade via formatting to avoid error in some program or data after upgrading.


After the programming is completed, press "OK" to complete the upgrade.


If the flashing has aborted ,it could possibly be an error with the update.img, you can either try to redo the operations above or make the update.img again!

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