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Phoenixcard is a free tool that can create the production card or bootable from SD card ( only for android firmware ) for OS installation, This tool will create one hidden disk partition in your card that you couldn’t format directly in your Windows PC.

Note: before using a micro SD card to create the production card, please backup all the files on this card. After installation, you need use PhonixCard to recover the micro SD card for normal use.


Using the Phonenix Card software

Download Phonenix Card from here. Then unzip it and double click PhoenixCard.exe

Using production funtion

Plug your micro-SD card to your PC, run “PhoenixCard.exe”.

Phonenix Card 1.jpg

Choose the image file, that you’ve downloaded and write it to micro-SD card.

Phonenix Card 2.jpg

After a few minutes, the TF card is ready to use to burn the image to the flash in marsboard NAND.

Burn the image to internal flash from micro-SD card

  • Plug the micro-SD card to the marsboard, power on the board, and then wait for 2-8 minute, it is determined by the size of the firmware.
  • after 2-8 minute, if the marsboard power down, it mean the image is success flash to nand.

Restore the micro-SD card

The micro-SD card is specially created to allow it to be recognized by the ROMBOOT of the board. To avoid the unexpected update of the image, use the PhoenixCard to restore it to normal and clean card.

  • Plug your micro-SD card to your PC, run PhoenixCard.exe.
  • Select the micro-SD card in the disk scroll window, and choose “Format to Normal” to restore the card.


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