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Phoenixcard is a closed source win32 application developed by Allwinner. It's used to convert an Official Image into a bootable self-installing SD card.


Installing Phoenixcard

Phienix card 3.0.3

Using Phoenixcard

Resulting Card

The mbr of the resulting card refers to an empty fat partition, but there is a real but hidden vfat boot partition at offset 0x1500000 (21MB) or 0x2400000 (36MB).

The partitions to be installed are stored raw in the card in an special format been reverse engineered<ref>phoenix_info@sunxi-tools</ref>.

PhoenixCard for A31

i try the PhoenixCard 3.09 for Mele M9 STB. there are some differences between above description.

Make bootable sd card

  • press DiskCheck button for scaning the removable disk.
  • select your sdcard in disk
  • select image from Img File
  • if you want to write a bootable, check Startup.
  • Burn Sd card
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