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update.img is Rockchip's closed image format for nand flash images, which can be flashed via the rockchip batch tool into nand flash. You can find our prebuilt update image of android and ubuntu at http://dl.radxa.com/rock/images/

Generating the image


A window batch tool is provided by Rockchip to create the image, which calls the AFPTool.exe and RKImageMaker.exe to generate the image. You can find the batch tool at the rockdev folder of the SDK source code.

   Afptool -pack ./ Image\update.img
   RKImageMaker.exe -RK31 RK3188Loader(L)_V1.24.bin  Image\update.img update.img -os_type:androidos

The afptool reads the package-file which contains what files to be packed into the image.

   # NAME		Relative path
   package-file	package-file
   bootloader	RK3188Loader(L)_V1.24.bin
   parameter	parameter
   misc		Image/misc.img
   kernel	Image/kernel.img
   boot		Image/boot.img
   recovery	Image/recovery.img
   system	Image/system.img
   backup			RESERVED
   update-script	update-script
   recover-script	recover-script


A linux version of afptool and image maker by fonix232 can be found on github, below is the packing tool using afptool and image maker to pack the image.

   git clone https://github.com/radxa/rockchip-pack-tools.git
   ./getimage.sh # Download the kernel and rootfs from dl.radxa.com
   ./mkupdate.sh # Pack the image

You will get the update.img

Source code

The source code of afptool and img_maker:

   git clone https://github.com/rk3066/rk-tools.git
   cd rk-tools
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