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Controls & Connections


1. Source Press this key to enter the menu of signal source and choose signal source.
2. Menu Press this key to enter main menu. Use main menu need remote control.
3. VOL+/VOL- Press these two keys to add or reduce volume, and choose signal source under menu of signal source.
4. Power Power On / Standby


Item Description
1.Power Input 3.5*1.35mm 12V DC Input
2.LED indicator Power LED
3.USB Touch & USB Host Micro USB 1.1 device for USB touch, and use Micro USB to USB A Receptacle cable, then insert USB storage device to the USB port to view photos and play music and movie.
4.HDMI IN HDMI connection support to view 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats. Be sure to use only an HDMI cable that bears the HDMI logo.
5.VGA Use custom Mini HDMI to VGA cable (HD15), connects to a personal computer video output connector use HD15-HD15 (VGA) cable (analog RGB).Can also be connected to other analog RGB equipment. if the picture is noisy , flickering or not clear, adjust Phase and Pitch of Screen settings.
6.Headphone Jack Connects to your headphones. if your headphones do not match the jack, use a suitable plug adapter (not supplied). while headphones are connected, the speakers are muted.

remote control

Remote control.jpg

Button Description
Remote power.jpg Power Press to turn on and off the monitor
Remote source.jpg Source Press this button to display signal source selection menu
Remote mute.jpg Mute Eliminate sound
Remote vga.jpg VGA Select VGA signal source
Remote hdmi.jpg HDMI Select HDMI signal source
Remote media.jpg Media Enter USB Multi-Media
Remote menu.jpg Menu Press this menu button to display main menu
Remote return.jpg Return Press this button to return last menu or exit main menu
Remote ok.jpg OK Confirm operation
Remote cursor.jpg Cursor key Up or Down cursor button: function select
Remote vol.jpg VOL+/VOL- Sound volume add or reduce button
Remote play.jpg Multi Media Play For USB operation
Remote stop.jpg Multi Media Stop For USB operation
Remote prev.jpg Multi Media prev For USB operation
Remote next.jpg Multi Media next For USB operation
Remote rev.jpg Multi Media Rev For USB operation
Remote fwd.jpg Multi Media Fwd For USB operation

Menu operation instructions

Signal source selection

Press "Source" key either on the remote control or on the control panel, then menu of signal source will be displayed on the screen. Then press "▲/▼" on the remote control or "VOL+/VOL-" key on the conrtol panel to choose the signal source. Press "OK" key on the remote control or "Source" key on the control panel and monitor will switch the current signal source to the signal source you choose.

Menu source.jpg

main menu operation description

Press "Menu" key on the remote control or on the control panel. the monitor will display the main menu.

1. Press "◀/▶" key on the remote control to select the adjustment sort menu, which includes 5 sort: PICTURE, SOUND, TIME, OPTION, Applications. 2. Press "▼" key on the remote control to enter the adjustment sort menu. 3. Press "▲/▼" key on the remote control to select what it needed to adjust in sort menu. 4. Press "◀/▶" key on the remote control to adjust the value or setting. 5. Press "Return" key to exit the main menu when the monitor displays the Main Menu;

  Press "Menu" key to return the previous menu when the monitor displays the submenu;
  Press "Source" key to display the signal source menu.

Firmware Refresh instructions

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