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Tiny210 development board,with 7"inch touch screen, Android 4.0

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Tiny210 is a high-performance Cortex A8 core board, from Guangzhou, a friendly arm design, production and distribution sales. It uses Samsung S5PV210 as the main processor, running at up to 1GHz. Integrated PowerVR SGX540 S5PV210 internal high-performance graphics engine, support for 3D graphics run smoothly, and can be smooth to play 1080P video of the large size.

Mainly using the tiny210 double-pin 2.0mm pitch, leads to the CPU the most common functional pin, and seeks to Tiny6410 core board three rows of pin-compatible (P1, P2, and the CON2); also features the S5PV210 chips, respectively, leads to the standard miniHDMI interface, and 1.0mm pitch SMD CON1 Block (51Pin), as shown above.

Tiny210 onboard 512M DDR2 memory, and can smoothly run advanced operating system, Android, Linux and WinCE6. It is ideal for the development of high-end Internet of Things, advertising, multimedia terminal, smart home, high-end surveillance system, video game control panel device.

Hardware configuration

CPU processor

The samsung S5PV210, based on the Cortex ™-A8, running at 1GHz
High-performance graphics engine built-in PowerVR SGX540
2D/3D graphics acceleration to support the smooth
Supports up to 1080p @ 30fps hardware decoding and smooth video playback, the format can be MPEG4, H.263, H.264,
Supports up to 1080p @ 30fps the hardware encoding (Mpeg-2/VC1,) video input
DDR2 RAM memory

Size: 512MB
32bit data bus, single-channel
Operating frequency: 200MHz
FLASH memory

The SLC the NAND Flash: 256MB (standard) / 1GB
Interface resources

2 x 60 Pin 2.0mm space the DIP connector
1 x 30 Pin 2.0mm space the DIP connector
1 x 51 Pin 1.0mm space of SMD the connector
On-board resources

4 x the User Leds (Green)
1 x Power Led (Red)
Supply Voltage from 2V to 6V (support wake up from sleep mode)
PCB Size

Eight-storey-density circuit board, immersion gold process to produce
Size: 64 x 50 11 (mm)
Software support (see the detailed features described later)

Android 2.3 + Linux-2.6.35
Android 4.0 (provisional Preview image file)
Linux-2.6.35 + Qtopia-2.2.0/Qt-4.4.3/Qt-4.7


TinySDK2 main features(main board)
Integrated USB 2.0 Hub: Extended 4 USB host ports, three of them as the standard side port, and an by SCON interface leads
Integrated TVP5150 video chip: 2 AV input port (RCA), can be directly connected using a CCD surveillance camera (Note: 2-way can not be used simultaneously)
The RS485: 1 Road
Serial Port: 4, 2 of them have been converted to RS232, and leads through the DB9 Block (COM0, COM1), through the CON1, 2, 3, 4, Block leads to TTL level
Interrupt style keys: 8, leads CON7 Block, user-friendly extended use
RJ45 Ethernet port: NIC using DM9000AEP, 10/100M adaptive
Audio input and output: using the WM8960 professional audio chip, containing Class D amplifier on-board microphone, and supports HDMI audio and video synchronization output (exclusive)
USB Slave: 1 Road, the USB 2.0 specification
Infrared receiver: 1
ADC input: 6, which AIN0 connected out resistance in the plate can be used to test
Buzzer: 1, control by the PWM0
EEPROM: AT24C08 (256 Byte) for I2C test
LCD Interface: 2 LCD interface, both 40 Pin 0.5mm Pitch Chip Block, support front-line precision touch support 3.5 "-19" full color TFT display
SDIO interface: used to connect the SD WiFi module and other
The CMOS Camera: used to connect CMOS camera
RTC clock: with a backup battery (according to different regions or time periods, mailing may remove the battery)
PCB layer: 2
PCB size: 180 x 130mm, can be easily fixed all kinds of LCD modules, especially the 7-inch LCD module
Power supply: DC-5V 

Core Board"


Packing list
The tiny210 core board TinySDK2 of (or TinySDK) the development of reference backplane: 1
LCD module (optional): 1 (5 "Model: W50 or 7" Model: A70/S70, both with first-line precision touch and fixed panels)
DVD data discs: 1
Cross-serial cable: 1
miniUSB cable: 1
Cable: a
Power adapter: an output 5V/2A (4.3 "packages using 5V/1A), quality certification
Document: (1) User Manual (2) schematic, both in pdf format

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