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We may want to install lubuntu desktop/​server to SD card, here is a guide for you. We take Desktop as a example in this guide. If you are interested in Server, just replace the images.

Mac / Linux

Before you start

Any Linux environment,​ we want fdisk, dd, tar, wget commands, this will erase any current data on the SD card. You need an SD card at least 4GB in size. the speed of SD card is important, class10 is recommended.

Download the rootfs image


Extract the image

tar -zxvf marsboard-picuntu-linuxroot-0.9-RC2.2-lubuntu-desktop-rfs.img.tar.gz

Copy image to SD card

Insert the SD card, find which device the SD card is with fdisk: sudo fdisk -l. we assume card=/dev/sdd here. Copy the image to the SD card with dd, making sure to use the SD device

dd if=marsboard-picuntu-linuxroot-0.9-RC2.2-lubuntu-desktop-rfs.img of=/dev/sdd

Make sure the write has finished.

sudo sync

Put the SD card into your MarsBoard.


  • Download the desired imageand extract it.
  • Insert your SD card
  • Download Win32 Disk Imager and write the image to your SD card. Warning: make sure you pick the correct drive as the contents of the drive will be deleted in the process.
  • Put the SD card into your MarsBoard.
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