HDMI/VGA/AV RTD2660H Video Converter Board

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RTD2660H Driver Board

This is display driver board. It has multiple inputs and works well with both TTL and LVDS screens. This driver even has HDMI audio support and can drive two 4 ohm speakers directly. This driver has a scaler built in. That means you can use it to drive an 800x480 display but set the computer to output 1280x800 and it will scale the display down. However, the image will be stretched out (distorted) if the aspect ratio of the scaler doesn't match up. For example, if you have an 800x480 display, the aspect ratio is 1.6 so 1280x720 would look stretched out (1.77 ratio) but 1280x800 would probably look OK (1.66 ratio).

Menu Options

Each driver board comes with a few menues of customizable settings. We go through each below, with some helpful pictures, to show you what you're able to easily control!


The keypad buttons help you navigate the display menus and sub-menus. As shown in the picture above:

Source key, When you first start up, you can use the key to select the input source!

Right key is Volume add, when click source key, right key is DOWN

Right key is Volume reduce,when click source key, left key is UP

Menu key is SELECT (brings you to the next menu or option)

when use Menu key, Source key is BACK

Power key, you can open or down the display

Color Menu

Brightness - Adjust the brightness Contrast - Adjust the contrast Saturation - Adjust the saturation

OSD - On-screen Display

Language - There are a full range of language options for your display. They are: English, French, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Russian H Position - Horizontal Position V Position - Vertical Position OSD Timeout - Adjust the time for the display to go black Transparent - Adjust the menu's transparency against the background image


Reset - Reset the settings to default Display Ratio - 16:9 - similar to the screen's default setting, does not stretch image Auto 4:3 - compresses image to 4:3 - does not cut off the image! See below for 4:3 ratio

Sleep - this will completely shut off the screen at the end of the set time (0-120 minutes) Blue Screen - On/Off - This changes the color of the screen on start up when you choose your input Sharpness - Adjust the sharpness from 0 to 100

How to enter Upgrade mode

powered off the board , simply press and hold the POWER key, The board will turn on a Blink LED and will stay on Upgrade mode, connect the USB OTG cable to your PC




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