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Sound on Linux

Install Alsa

   apt-get install alsa-base


To test audio on marsboard, you can run the following command:

   speaker-test -t wav -c 2

the output is

   speaker-test 1.0.25
   Playback device is default
   Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 2 channels
   WAV file(s)
   Rate set to 48000Hz (requested 48000Hz)
   Buffer size range from 48 to 32768
   Period size range from 16 to 3072
   Using max buffer size 32768
   Periods = 4
   was set period_size = 2979
   was set buffer_size = 32768
   0 - Front Left
   1 - Front Right
   Time per period = 2.061311
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