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7" inch 800x480 TFT LCD Display with capacitive touch panel

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  • Model: HY070CTP-A
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This product has been discontinued and replaced by the HY070CTP


LCD size 7 inch(Diagonal)
Touch Screen Controller FT5206
Resolution 800 × 3 (RGB) × 480
Backlight LED
Interface Digital


CON3 Pin Assignment

PIN NO Symbol I/O Function
1 VLED- Power Power for LED backlight cathode
2 VLED+ Power Power for LED backlight anode
3 GND Power Power ground
4 VDD Power Power voltage
5 R0 Input Red data (LSB)
6 R1 Input Red data
7 R2 Input Red data
8 R3 Input Red data
9 R4 Input Red data
10 R5 Input Red data
11 R6 Input Red data
12 R7 Input Red data (MSB)
13 G0 Input Green data (LSB)
14 G1 Input Green data
15 G2 Input Green data
16 G3 Input Green data
17 G4 Input Green data
18 G5 Input Green data
19 G6 Input Green data
20 G7 Input Green data (MSB)
21 B0 Input Blue data (LSB)
22 B1 Input Blue data
23 B2 Input Blue data
24 B3 Input Blue data
25 B4 Input Blue data
26 B5 Input Blue data
27 B6 Input Blue data
28 B7 Input Blue data (MSB)
29 GND Power Power ground
30 PCLK Input Pixel clock
31 DISP Input Display on/off
32 HSYNC Input Horizontal Sync Signal
33 VSYNC Input Vertical Sync Signal
34 DE Input Data Enable
35 NC   No Connector
36 GND Power Power ground
37 CTP-SDA Input/Output I2C SDA
38 CTP-SCL Input I2C SCL
39 CTP-RST Input CTP Reset input
40 CTP-INT Output CTP Interrupt output


  • 1x HY070CTP-A
  • 1x 40 pin connect cable

LCD DataSheet.pdf
ft5x06 source code
FT5x06 DataSheet.pdf

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