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1.8" SPI TFT display, 160x128 18-bit color - ST7735 driver

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  • Model: ST7735
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We just love this little 1.8" TFT display, with true TFT color (up to 18-bits per pixel!), fine 160x128 resolution, two white LED backlight that runs on 3.3V and a very easy SPI interface that requires only 4 or 5 digital pins to send pixels to the display.

Please note! This is just the raw display, not attached to a PCB or for use with a breadboard. If you want to use this out of the box with no surface mount soldering, check out assembled 1.8" TFT breakout board. This display is for experts who are comfortable soldering a surface mount display using fine pitch soldering techniques! This display also is for 3.3V use only, so be sure to use a level shifter if you're going to use it with 5.0V microcontrollers.

Want to use this TFT display on your next project? We have it already in our Eagle library, under the name JDT-1800!

A full C/C++ library for the ST7735R chip that drives this display in github

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