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320x240 3.2" TFT Touch screen Display Monitor for Raspberry Pi

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  • Model: RPI-SPI-32LCD
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It is a 3.2" display with 320x240 16-bit color pixels and a resistive touch overlay. The plate uses the high speed SPI interface on the Pi and can use the mini display as a console, X window port, displaying images or video etc. Best of all, it is use FPC cable connect with Raspberry Pi.

It's designed to fit nicely onto the Pi Model A or B but also works perfectly fine with the Model B+.

Uses the hardware SPI pins (SCK, MOSI, MISO, CE0, CE1) as well as GPIO #17, software and hardware is compatible HY28B.

Package content

  • 320x240 3.2" TFT
  • 8cm 12pin FPC cable
  • 25cm 12pin FPC cable
  • 12pin FPC to 2x13 male header expansion board


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