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About Us

HAOYU Electronicsis located on Shenzhen where has the largest electronic market and the most complete chain of electronics industry of China. A vast number of exciting and innovative products are manufactured around us every day.

We believe that everyone should have the tool, hardware platform and resource to play with cool electronic gadgetry .Our goal is to fuels ubiquitous innovation with fast prototyping modules, convenient development platform at low price, even customizable solutions.

It’s usually more fascinating about the ideas rather than technology itself. To make innovation easier, we offer various modules and development platform accelerate developing progress and relieve engineering difficulty.

There are various parts to accomplish your design goal in our deport ,No matter you are a curious students, engineers, or hobbyists who love to create, there will always be something here for your required .Moreover, we are accumulating the stock according to customer demand, please let us know your wish beyond shelf.