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75W 5A DC-DC converter adjustable voltage with LED Display

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  • Model: 75W 5A DC-DC Modules
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This is an assembled board of DC-DC converter module. It can offer 75W of power, and a maximum of 5A of current. It can be used as a standard power supply, or for audio application that do not have critical requirement on noise performance.

The board includes a 3 digital LED voltmeter to read the input/output(toggle by a button) voltage. The voltmeter error is +/-0.05V. The display can also be turned off by toggling another button.

The board includes a heatsink that can be attached to the DC-DC converter IC, and 4 pieces of standoff to mount the board onto chassis.


  • Input voltage range:DC 4V to 38V (Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage by 1.5V or more)
  • Output voltage range:DC 1.25V to 36V
  • High efficiency:Max 96%
  • Maximum output current: 5A
  • Recommended maximum output current for extended use: 4.5A
  • Output power: Recommended maximum of 75W. If more than 50W please make sure to add included heatsink.
  • Operating frequency: 180KHz
  • Size: 66MM x 39MM x 18MM(L x W x H)
  • Short circuit protection: Yes (limiting current is 8A)
  • Power indicator LED.
  • Input/Output display selector button and LEDs.
  • Display on/off Button.
  • For maximum output stability, keep the minimum voltage difference to as close as 1.5V as possible.
  • 4 Mounting holes with supplied mounts.

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